Finding beauty in the imperfect, mundane moments and objects in life

Welcome to the online portfolio and creative space of B.Y. Penman. Here you will find a mix of digital manipulations and abstractions, free verse and other forms of poetry, creative musings, photography and printmaking. Please subscribe to the RSS News Feed on the Keep Up With Savvyology page to be made aware of new content as it is added to the collection. Be warned, the creative mind behind the writing is influenced by Basho and Bukowski with a bit of Erica Jong mixed in for good measure. Proceed at your own risk. 

Savvyology Defined ... The study of practical understanding of everyday life.

Beauty can be found in the broken and imperfect, the mechanical and mundane if you learn how to observe things differently. I invite you to see the world through my eyes and mind.



Lathescape by B.Y. Penman 2020 All Rights Reserved


 Scribe by B.Y. Penman 2021 All Rights Reserved.