Musings and Mindlint - More Free Verse, Haiku and Tanka

Sidewalk Dance

dizzy pigeon
spinning in circles
unwinding herself
to catch his eye

© B.Y. Penman 2018


avoid corners
cut sharp
to save a buck
they cut the deepest

© B.Y. Penman 2018

Wild Yang


wild yang to my yin
seeded from these mother bones
mirror to the world
reflecting blue notes and pain
he walks the path less traveled

we begged him to stay-
within that small shell it blazed
teaching from first breath
even then he walked the line
between innocent and wise

gypsy feet stand still
while the world spins and dances
to a mad rhythm
I no longer need to run
when the wind urges me forth

© B.Y. Penman 2007



While the Sky Wept

Before the old church
While the sky wept for jilted
Ghosts, his hand found mine

Through lead glass windows we peered
Hoping to glimpse yesterday

© B.Y. Penman 2007 


Some say he chose us
From that place of becoming-
Love mends broken wings

© B.Y. Penman 2007


I am just colours
Reflected by the world's eye
Words drifting on air

© B.Y. Penman 2007

Crazy 8s

We nearly lost him-
On this day of mothering
I'm most reminded

He gave me red nail polish
and now we play crazy 8s

© B.Y. Penman 2007 

Serenity's voice
Whispered for those who listen
Within and without

© B.Y. Penman 2007

Spring Offerings

Grey spring sky above-
The Dogwood wears her white dress
Soon she'll change to green

The wind stole my breath-
Ship made of paper and string
Now sails the spring sky

Spring sky's reflection
Puddles of grey clouds explode
While the raindrops dance

Spring waits in the wings
Behind veiled curtains of rain
Soon its time to dance

© Copyright B.Y. Penman 2007


In my dreams I see
A tree to hold all wishes
On a mountaintop
With these legs I'd scale the peak
Just to sit and hear it speak

© Copyright 2007 B.Y. Penman


Pink cherry blossom laden branches
And yellow daffodils speak of spring
While winter's cloak of white still clings
To frost-weary, snow-capped mountains

A reluctant meeting of two seasons
One bashful, not yet fully awakened
The other still holding on with icy grip
Each one waiting on the other

© Copyright 2007 B.Y. Penman


if love is air
I am bubble wrap
deflated here and there
where the pointed spikes
pierced through
when I tried
to protect you
and them

 © Copyright 2015 B.Y. Penman