Musings and Mindlint - Collection of Free Verse, Haiku and Tanka

Carry On

I am the mender of threadbare dreams
No smoke and mirrors or duct tape here
Just two pale hands and a box of hope

I'll even darn them for you if you ask
No payment or thanks required up front
Only ask you to remember how it's done

One day these hands will slow and stop
Just like those of the one who taught me
Then you can take this box and carry on

© Copyright B.Y. Penman 2007

Remnants of a Life

They say just put one foot in front of the other
But I know it's one step back and over
Unless you want to follow the herd
Keep pace with the rat race
Just coast along for the ride
I want to walk outside the lines
Leave colourful footprints behind
Remnants of a life well spent

© Copyright B.Y. Penman 2006

Toward Nothing

Over pine needles
And pavement, these gypsy feet
Rush toward nothing

© B.Y. Penman 2007



Shards of broken glass
Such perfect shattered moments
Force me to slow down

© B.Y. Penman 2007

Your Lips

Your Lips Haiku by B.Y. Penman

© B.Y. Penman 2007



Hypervigilance digital artwork

Always listening
For the sound of life stopping-

© B.Y. Penman 2007 

Knotty Sapling

Knotty sapling spreads
Gangly limbs and lofty thoughts
Of life beyond us

© B.Y. Penman 2008


Between the sheets
He brings the beach to me
Grain by grain

© B.Y. Penman 2007


Walking the Walk

A new route taken-
The maple sheds her red leaves
To soften the path


Misty morning air-
I walk beneath changing leaves
and think of you

© B.Y. Penman 2007 

Forty In Retrospect

familiar skin and bones
keep slipping
in and out
of comfortable

words come and words go
some just get
gnaw from the inside out
trying to break free
of should and must

even strong colours fade
like dying stars
the dancing stops
for all in time
and we remember
how it used to be
blue notes and sunshine

students of love and life
gave up on easy
reschooled and retooled
to fit a new groove
grabbing life by the horns
they ride

© B.Y. Penman 2007




Where do the words go
All those left unsaid
Do they just vanish
Like socks from laundry
Hid beneath the bed
In deep dark corners
Where nobody looks
Or evaporate
Like thin mist in air
Simply lingering
Waiting to be found

© B.Y. Penman 2007


Ghosts and Lovers Walk

Too long have I let
Dust gather on surfaces
Awaiting the rain

Over wet leaves and gravel
Only ghosts and lovers walk

© B.Y. Penman 2007 


Red Galoshes

Wanting red galoshes-
Wading through the tides of life
Splashing through the fear

© B.Y. Penman 2007

** I cheated a bit on this haiku. 6-7-5
But it works and -wanting red rainboots-
just doesn't have the same feel or sound. **

Soon the Frost

All my words escaped
Through this hole they chewed in me-
My pen gathers dust

Soon the frost will come again
And cool the burning within

© B.Y. Penman 2007


Humbly I sidestep
To get out of my own way-
Clouds part for the sun

© B.Y. Penman 2007 


Endless balancing
Teetering glass on thin wire
Hands cupped, I wait

© B.Y. Penman 2007

A life's vibrations
Unnoticed by others
I feel you leaving


Afraid to dance
Caught up in should and must
These bones know how

© B.Y. Penman 2007


Toes tap in time
A gypsy wanders
Without leaving

© B.Y. Penman 2007

Moving Into Clarity

Old ways and stale thoughts
Brushed aside for clarity
Cobwebs of a life

© B.Y. Penman 2007

Moving Through

Riding the pain train
Moving through life with eyes closed
Just feeling the way

© B.Y. Penman 2007

Burn the Blue

Guardian mother
Between the madness and them
My body a shield

In soul cut moments
Without arms, only words left
To stem the bleeding

Burn the blue incense
Of forgetting and cleanse these
Word cuts from this soul

© B.Y. Penman 2007

 Blue Notes

In touch with those roots
Touching roots of becoming
Blue notes etched in bone

Moments of wanting
I play those blue notes to soothe
These old restless feet

Feeling the old ways
Vibrating through two old soles
Blue notes mark the way

© B.Y. Penman 2007

Lawnchair Lovers

Lawnchair lovers sit
Sipping sunshine like coffee,
Rooted in asphalt

© B.Y. Penman 2007

Something Bent

I fear the rainfall
And the mountain's slow shed tears
Waking the river

I shall wish for something bent
To cling to as we float by

© B.Y. Penman 2007