Musings and Mindlint - Audacious Alliteration Addiction & Maddening Mysterious Muses

It's true. I am guilty of intentional acts of audacious alliteration. The very haiku that graces the top left column of my blog and source for my blog title is proof enough of my borderline abusive alliteration addiction. Moments matter most indeed. I love alliteration almost as much as I adore puns. I admit overuse of alliteration can be annoying but when done well it emphasizes a point, mood, or particular train of thought and sounds lovely rolling off the tip of your tongue as you read aloud. I may or may not be known to read aloud, even when alone, just to hear the words and sounds flow together as I write.

Without my Muse there would be no acts of annoying alliteration or secret poetry readings for one. Sometimes she/he/they goes MIA for periods of time leaving me to wonder if I've lost "it" and if I'll ever push pixels or play with words again. My fickle Muse always returns, though never on -my- schedule, and I'm soon back to my creative tinkering and puttering with a rejuvenated vigor.

Us offbeat creative types share this dreaded affliction, which I like to refer to as MMIAS (Muse Missing In Action Syndrome.) I happened upon an article about this dire disease, also known as "Creativity's Pause Button", on the Creativity Portal website.

Here is a snippet of the article. To read the rest just click on the link that follows.

"Creativity is a cycle. There is a part of that cycle that requires no activity and sometimes is not voluntary. It is that phase of the creative process that Rollo May terms “data collection.” It appears that nothing is happening because nothing visible IS happening. But the subconscious is sweeping the floor, restocking the idea inventory, plugging in the connectors, associators, divergers and convergers." ~ Romancing the Lull: Creativity’s Pause Button By Jill Badonsky, M.Ed.

This musing was originally posted May 10, 2007 on my Savvyology Blogspot blog.